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dogfight 2 Dogfight 2
Your plane is equipped with powerful machine guns. Use the keys on the instructions to operate these weapons with wings.
fright flight Fright Flight
Here are your favorite cartoon characters. Danny Phantom Fly with the most advanced fighter aircraft. Help get rid of enemies and win the war.
potty racers 3 Potty Racers 3
Join Potty racer to enter into a great adventure. Earn money to upgrade your toilet. At the end you will have a powerful aircraft.
starship chopper Starship Chopper
You are in charge of a helicopter on an unknown planet. Enemies come to attack you from all sides. Should be prepared and fight back immediately.
stunt pilot trainer Stunt Pilot Trainer
Create the finest possible tricks with your plane. Collect stars and bonuses possible for a higher score. The game has nice graphics and surprise...

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fly hard Fly Hard
Here is a rocket that need to launch. Use all your skills to launch it into space. You will be able to upgrade after collect enough money.
hostile skies Hostile Skies
You are in the French army. As a fighter pilot must meet the mission you're given. You have to take down all enemy planes and land safely.
skyrunners Skyrunners
If you saw the movie Skyrunners means that you know what is about in this game. Transport the boys with the spacecraft. You have several tasks...
steambirds survival Steambirds Survival
You will discover a great game with airplanes. Has some strategy in it, you will be given instructions how to play this game. With the mouse you...
timefighter Timefighter
You fight against aliens that attack people from the air. You are sent in future to save the planet from extinction. Try to annihilate all possible...

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airplanegames1.com includes several online games, which is about to flying a plane, it's your way to escape from homeworks and relax with these nice games. It is a great place to practice your ability to fly. These games include action, strategy and skill to perform certain stages and levels. For the beginning, we selected the most enjoyable airplane games. Try every game and you will not regret the experience that you will have!


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